Out Of This World

"This was the first sound healing that we have experienced with Ruthann. It was incredible. She played a variety of instruments and her voice is out of this world. She took us on a journey and brought us back where we started, but feeling a lot different. It was hard to wake up after the session and we all wanted to remain in the state that she had guided us in to. We definitely recommend her as a healer and an expert in what she does. She is like no other."
-K. Alcide, Yoga retreat, Orangeville

Beautiful, Calming, Helpful

"Ruthann Clayton is a warm, nurturing soul who reached out to me in a time of trouble. Her approach to therapy through music was beautiful, calming, and helpful beyond the session itself. It helped me centre myself and be more aware of my body and its relationship to the vibrations of life."
-B. Packham, award winning musician and songwriter

Relaxed And Renewed

"After the hour and a half sound session, I felt relaxed and renewed, with an emotional weight off my chest. I visited again with my husband who was so relaxed, he fell asleep.
I would recommend her services to anyone interested in a holistic approach to wellness. She is a multi-talented ambassador of healing, providing a sensorial therapy with a compassionate touch." 

- D. Rosenthal